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Intelligent Organics founder Angelina’s story of what life event turned to finding a self healing process in helping others what I found worked for me.

Which inspired me to advocate for patients who themselves were looking for answers after their treatments. There is no how to book for dummies on life after cancer and treatments.

There is no sense or reason why it was me, maybe I was meant to go through something to see things from a different perspective. Dwelling in it was pointless there never was going to be an answer, I didn’t want to waste my sons time but celebrating that I had extended my lifeline. I had chance to change and filter my life from a very different point of view. A new beginning, a big restart button.

October 4th 2014, I turned 32, I was told I had stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My son was only 1 and half years old at the time. I was single mother working 2 jobs.

Many people ask, how did I know I had cancer. Like many who have been diagnosed, I had no idea but looking back my symptoms started with.

First Weight loss, high fevers which had me wake up numerous times in my bed in a pool of water.
My lymph nodes in my neck, armpits, pelvic area were extremely tender. My skin was incredible itchy, I had no appetite, and had unbelievable discomfort in my stomach, I caught every one else mild colds and had mine turn to ongoing colds that lasted for weeks at a time I was exhausted to underrated point.

But, even then I was trying to convince myself, I was a new mom and this was the new normal. So for time being I told myself it made perfect sense.

You don’t start putting all these symptoms together till much later, sometimes even after you have finished your cancer treatment. While the news hits you, I believe we go into survival mode and then later we are able to process slowly everything that has happened. You just don’t expect your body to turn violently against you!

I am sure like many parents, I ignored my body giving me signals!!
I figured it is our part of the new parent package and just had to pony up and push through it harder.

Still going to see doctors to find some basic relief or a strong antibiotic.

I followed the order we all follow accordingly in the health system.
General doctors and then started my journey through specialist, just to get some answers.

This was the start of the merry go round of specialists. The first ENT, I saw told me I was too young to worry, lightly touching my neck.
At this point I still believed the good doctors and thought they always knew everything. I didn’t know how to be my own advocate I trusted them to do their job. I didn’t learn till later as I went through the process that, Not all doctors are created equal!!

I did know my body but from going from healthy, strong and active I wanted to believe nothing was wrong. Who wouldn’t?! Denial can be our best friend for a while till it’s not!

The search what was wrong with me lasted for 5 months. Till when I was visiting friend in New York City to celebrate an early birthday. I remember trying to turn around for a surprise birthday cake that was being brought out for me. I had a intense back pain around my spine as if someone pulled my every muscle and nerve in my back all at once. This pain brought me to my knees literally!!! Next day i flew back home, that was the longest 3 hours of my life. I think I felt every tiny bump in the cloud.

When I got home I was out of excuses and was taken to my first hospital. The first day they found there was something irregular going on but could not explain the excruciating pain I had in my back and where it was coming from. It took the doctors couple of weeks to tell me I had stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

This went on for close to 3 months. I went through 3 hospitals, lots of blood test, biopsies, so many test I can even remember each one and lots of very strong pain medicine that had a life span of maybe 2 hours if I was lucky! One time I woke up in the middle of biopsy while in a Twilight anastesia which is an anesthetic technique where a mild dose of sedation is applied.

It was something I will never forget. Couple days later I became my own advocate when a doctor came in telling me I needed a biopsy of my spine under a twilight anastesia I sent him on his way refusing to sign anything. Unless a qualified surgeon could look back at my recent pain medication history to make a proper choice with out leaving me possibly paralyzed if I woke up again and being overly alert in what was happening. I never again stayed silent, on what I needed and trusting myself that now I knew my body well enough to be the first to make choices after I received opinions.

Even if i was wrong, i was still ready to take that risk but i was not going to get everything anything anymore and blindly follow. Unless i was presented with all facts that i could agree with,  which were presented by the doctors.

Still no answer of what was causing pain in my back. Till One of my friends sent me a name of an oncologist that i needed to see right away. I made an appointment from the hospital, the Oncologist took no time before doing another series of scans and tests, instant said i was advanced stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

There was no more time to spare pondering over any other options. The doctor offered me information, if I wanted to participate in a clinical trial. At this time I thought if not me, maybe this experience it will benefit finding a better cure for someone else and some good will come out of this if nothing else.

I am now today in remission almost coming to 5 years. I have an extension of life I couldn’t be more great full, but like many others I have been left in a new life of how to feel my best after being left with many side effects after my chemotherapy treatment.

From neuropathy in my hands and feet, unbelievable migraines that last for days, chronic stomach pain, chemo brain, the most seems to grow year by year.

Everything changed and there is no how to guide for what life is like after cancer treatment.

So, with this I tuned into finding alternatives starting in Colorado 5 years ago, that will help my body heal. CBD oils and cannabis became my saving grace, and have become have been a huge part of being able to have more productive days then none to be able to share with my son, family and help advocate for those who’s voice is not being heard. To be present and not curled up constantly in bed is more then I can ask for. I would not change anything this was a chapter in my life that changed my outlooks in any things.

I have found a calling and one of greatest joys. In being able to share my story, experience how to work through recovery for my self and being able to succeed in lifting and inspiring others. To work together in harmony for the benefit of all towards a healthy lifestyle, that does not require a never ending road to pills!